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Find Egypt in England


Click here to download a free POI file to Find Egypt in England sites


This satellite navigation Points of Interest (POI) file is provided ‘as is’.  It should only be taken as an indication of where sites mentioned in Egypt in England can be found, and does not indicate that all locations can be driven to.  (In some cases, where the actual point of interest was some distance from the nearest car parking, a GPS bearing was taken on foot.)  Also, it does not indicate that there is legal parking or a right of entry to any location.

It was recorded in .OV2 format, on a TomTom sat nav, and should be compatible with any similar equipment that can use this format. However, no guarantee is made or implied that it will work with any particular piece of equipment.

To install it, please refer to the documentation for your own device, or the manufacturer’s web site.

Please use it with due care and attention to your own safety and that of others.

After all those caveats, I also hope that it proves useful, and that you enjoy finding the legacy of Ancient Egypt in England.